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The proposals would make it illegal for local authorities to charge Parkrun or junior Parkrun, which organises 2km runs for children, for the use of a public park. 'Free access' Ministers will also examine whether the plans should be extended to other organisers of fun runs, and to different users of parks such as professional dog walkers and personal trainers. The consultation says that "local authorities quite legitimately charge for a variety of different events and specific activities that take place in local parks". It continues: "However, the government does not consider it appropriate for a local authority to charge a volunteer community seeking to provide a free weekly event for the use of a public park, overturning our long standing convention of free access to parks for their everyday use." Parkrun, a not-for-profit company which organises free, weekly, timed runs around the world, began life in 2004 with an event in Teddington, south-west London. How did Parkrun become a global phenomenon? 'Fantastic opportunity' Olympic Gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes was among those who condemned the decision by Stoke Gifford Parish Council's to charge Parkrun competitors a fee in April last year. The council said the three-year-old event had led to "increased wear on the park". But Parkrun closed the event over the decision saying its ethos was to stage it at no financial cost to each entrant. The government has said it supports the principles behind the runs - community and volunteer led opportunities for people to get involved in healthy exercise.

And because it generally bears a logo, it's a status symbol that specifies allegiances and attitudes, from Titleist golf balls to "Fuck tha Police", from Blood to Crip. Today, the traditional hat is so far gone that we see businessmen walking in the snow on Madison Avenue in camel hair polo coats and New York Yankees baseball caps - a rather depressing sight. Americans love uniforms, even civilian uniforms. In Western Pennsylvania, the most common form of dress for both men and women is the Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. On Long Island, one will find many men on the job in a Derek Jeter #2 Yankees T-shirt. What niceties American men do observe are greatly diminished. Even on formal occasions, Americans have tended to dress down. The tuxedo, which eliminated the tailcoat at the end of the 19th century, encouraged more lively dancing among men of action. Today the trend is creative black tie, which often seems to mean "no tie". View photos Photo credit: Getty More One area where America clearly leads the world is fatness - tipping the scales heavier than any country in the world, even those Pacific Islands where they grow linemen for American football. The average UK inhabitant is 10 pounds slimmer.

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