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Together they will become one with the wild as they hunt for their food, traverse uncertain terrain, and set up camp for their two-night adventure that will give real meaning to Going Cambo! The show is executive produced by Yelawolf, Mike Wolfe, Shaun Silva, and Brian Friedman; Justin Killion and Melanie Moreau are executive producers for Complex Networks. David Barsky serves as co-executive producer. (48, 6-9 minute episodes) THROTTLE ROCKETS (UNSCRIPTED) COMING TO GO90 MAY 2017 Greg Hatcher and his team of mechanics make dreams come true for scooter enthusiasts. That is if your dream is to turn the humble scooter into an all-terrain hunting rig, a sand-assault vehicle for the beach, or a fire breathing Call of Duty themed vehicle. Hatcher, owner of Man in the Box, a custom build shop in the Smoky Mountains, goes to the extreme to make his customers dreams a reality and turn scooters (and the occasional golf and shopping cart) into full-fledged throttle rockets. Each episode of Throttle Rockets presents a new opportunity for Hatcher and the guys to turn a customers idea into reality. The show is executive produced by Charlie DeBevoise, Jen Holbach and Mark Hickman for NorthSouth Productions; Justin Killion and Melanie Moreau for Complex Networks. (24, 6-9 minute episodes) RATED RED DOCUMENTARIES ON RATEDRED.COM Debuting on April 26, The Infidels follows a group of young war veterans coping with the banality and quietness of civilian life by riding stunt bikes illegally through the streets of Arizona.The Infidels is the third documentary in the Rated Red Documentaries series spotlighting stories and issues important to young audiences between the coasts that dont always make national headlines. Previous documentaries include Black Rock Blues following a young millennial coal mining family in Ohio; and Guns Up Texas, a four-part road trip through the Lone Star state to talk, and shoot, with all types of people and explore the nuanced relationship Texans have with firearms. Rated Red Documentaries is executive produced by Todd Schwarzschild and Tommy Davis for Complex Networks Rated Red.

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